Dr. Anthony Sales

Dr. Anthony C. Sales is Dr. Anthony C. Sales is a Food Technologist by profession, a researcher, and a public servant. Currently, he is the Regional Director in the Philippine Department of Science and Technology (Region XI).

Dr. Sales was the first DOST Regional Director to become a member of the National Research Council of the Philippines and now leads the implementation of the project Frontier Research Agenda and Capability Building of Researchers in Mindanao I:  NRCP Science and Technology Expert’s Pool (NSTEP). He has spearheaded efforts to gain Level 1 and Level 2 recognition for DOST XI under the Philippine Quality Award, a national award for Total Quality Management equivalent to the Malcolm Baldridge Award in the United States. He also leads the implementation of the DOST Halal S&T Program and the Grassroots Innovation for Inclusive Development or GRIND Program. He was recently appointed as the Chair of the Professional Regulatory Board of Food Technology.